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iSport changes the way people connect to their favorite sports, and makes it easier for people to live active and healthy lives.


With a free account, members can create a profile for every sport they’re interested in, regardless of skill level or experience. Members join a community that connects them with other athletes, helps improve their game with fresh content written by experts, and lets them find facilities, teams, and events in their area.


Directly on the site, members can reach out to and schedule lessons with instructors, ask and answer questions posted on the forums, and watch and share videos covering every aspect of every sport.

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Create a Profile
iSport is completely free, and all you need to get started is a member profile.


Complete your profile by selecting your favorite sports, uploading a picture, and sharing your sports background. You can add to your profile at any time, and connect to as many sport communities as you want.

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Comprehensive Directories
Members have access to an extensive database of sport-related listings.


Search for, review, and add detailed information about facilities, teams, camps, academies, and more – for every sport, all over the world.

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Athlete Directories
iSport makes it simple to connect with other athletes.


Search by location, skill level, and availability to find compatible playing partners or past teammates. Add people to your list of connections, and build a network of athletes.

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Students & Instructors
iSport empowers students and instructors in every sport to book lessons directly on the site.


Students can search by location, rates, and availability to find and request lessons with instructors.


Instructors can boost their business with a detailed profile that lets them manage lessons, schedule training sessions, and take notes on the progress of each of their students.

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SportDNA evaluates your personal traits and matches you to sports that correspond with your mental and physical abilities.


Discover your top matches, and access features that connect you to those sports.

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My Body
The My Body feature provides you with tools that make your workouts matter.


Set fitness goals, log your workout statistics, and track your progress with an easy-to-use graph. Record and monitor your heart rate, weight, conditioning, and more.


Exercise with a purpose, but leave the calculations to iSport.

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Expert Content
iSport’s team of experts provides members with a wide range of fresh and insightful content.


Read guides that break down essentials, watch sports-related videos, and join the conversation on the forums to boost your knowledge.

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iSport Answers
iSport Answers gives the iSport community a platform to share sport knowledge.


Ask questions about any sport or related topic, and the iSport user community will help you get the right answer.


See a question you know the answer to? Respond to other members’ questions, and contribute to the collective knowledge of the iSport community.

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Get Started Today
iSport provides you with the resources you need to stay active in the sports you love.


Create your profile today to join our global community of athletes, instructors, and fans.

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